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Date: 2006-12-23 Hacker heuern? Gar nicht gscheit

Nicht sehr gscheit ist, wer meint, mit Hilfe eines "Hackers" seine Zeugnisse nachträglich fälschen zu können. Wer sich als Kommunikationsdirektor eines Politikers zu solchem Behufe an einen so bekannten Zeitgenossen wie Jericho von wendet, dem ist nicht zu helfen.
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post/scrypt: Besonders hübsch ist die Sache mit dem Eichhörnchen. hat im übrigen zwei unbedingt empfehlenswerte Mailing-lists, sieh link unten.
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A member of a Republican Congressman's public relations staff attempted to hire two "hackers" to change a college grade, but instead became the punch line of an online joke, giving up his Social Security number, school ID, and even taking a picture of a squirrel, according to online reports.

In transcripts of the e-mail exchange, a person claiming to be Todd Shriber -the communications director for U.S. Representative Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.)--asked members of security Web site in August to help him change his college grades. Shriber, when contacted by a reporter at NetworkWorld, eventually admitted yesterday afternoon that he did indeed send the e-mail messages.

The Congressman fired the communications director on Thursday, according to media reports.

Perhaps the oddest piece of the exchange was the ability of the two members--security professional Brian Martin, also known as "Jericho," and another member using the name "Lyger"--to convince Scriber that he needed to provide them with a picture of a squirrel or pigeon.

"I can supply all that," Shriber allegedly wrote when Jericho asked for Scriber's personal information and whether or not there were pigeons on campus. "Forgive what I assume is dumb question, but what are pigeons? I know you're not talking about the bird."

To which "Jericho" responded: "Actually I am."

When the duo assured him that a picture of a squirrel would work fine, Shriber sent a picture a week later.

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2006-12-23
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