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Date: 2004-02-25

Data-Mining in NSA-Datensaetzen

Das komplette Archiv [1994-2004, 12,3 MB zipped] einer von der NSA betriebenen offenen Mailing-List [] wurde heruntergeladen. Der Datensatz wird - wie unten beschrieben - mit anderen Datasets zusammen einem Data-Mining Prozess unterzogen. Die Aktion wurde vergangene Woche ordnungsgemäß beim österreichischen Datenschutzregister angemeldet. Der Listenmoderator von hat angekündigt, dass "Schritte unternommen werden."
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post/scrypt: Hat da irgendwer "In Guantanamo sehen wir uns wieder" gesagt?

The attached e-mail was sent to the members of mailing yesterday. Me and others have been on this list for a few months being
accepted by simply filling in a pretty short form. The full archive has been
accessible to all of us who cared to subscribe since then.

Anything described in this e-mail is just what is really happening to my best
knowledge. The [public but somewhat hidden]  list archive dates back to the
early mid 1990ies and is sporting tar.zipped 12,3 MB in text form. There are
a few Gigabytes of pretty closely related [non text only] doquments available
over here to be matched with.

The archive's disclaimer says contents are free to "academia" research

The domain admin is located in Fort Meade, Maryland.

BC-list members personal data processing legal notice
Datum: Tue Feb 24 21:54:06 2004
Von: Erich M <

Dear BC-list members,

[This is a legal notice in compliance with European Data Protection laws and
presumably my last posting here. Please refrain from responding  to the list
to avoid an off-topic string. If anybody should want to know more details pls
use the adress in the *reply to* field and the pgp key below]

As BC-list admins surely do know, the complete list archive was downloaded a
few weeks ago.

Data are currently being indexed and structured to be matched with a variety
of other data sets. [see research project outlook below]

- the European Data Protection Directive and harmonized Austrian law also
cover the the privacy rights of Non-EU citizens
- and considering the fact that BC-list archive contains an amount of personal
information on list members [clear names, e-mail addresses, fone numbers
- and that those data will be processed, kept available for a certain period
of time and be published in parts

Considering all that
a legal notice containing a short description of the project was filed at the
Austrian Data Protection Register at the Federal Chancellor's office last
week. This is a routine process and apparently there are no restrictions to
the first phase of the project.

If any restrictions should apply to upcoming phases, everbody whose personal
data are being processed may file a request at the Federal Chancellor's

Information in English

Project working title and scope
"The roles of state security agencies, law enforcement and industries in the
global standardization of network-based surveillance and tracking systems"
Biometrics was chosen to begin with for the main reason of high data
availability and excellent documentation.

Datamining is being done by an independent group of engineers. All raw data no
longer needed for the process will be moved to a "deleted record file."
Interim results will be published during the upcoming months. The whole
process is scheduled to last for 3,5 years.

As has been done during the "proof of concept" phase raw data and results will
be offered to the Institute of Technology Assessment at the Austrian Academy
of Sciences for further research.

BC-Listmembers who want to request his/her personal data be excluded from the
process may do so by contacting a local data protection or civil liberties
NGO. All Organizations will be informed in time

Global List
List of European NGOs

Recommended for US citizens: the American Civil Liberties Union, the Center
for Democracy and Technology, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the
Electronic Privacy Information Center.

For any requests listmembers might consider necessary this pgp key could be
useful. Pls abstain from e-mailing to my business address as your e-mail will
be processed in a Windows network evironment.

Tnx a lot for your patience
sincerely yours
Erich Moechel

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2004-02-25
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