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Date: 2003-02-08

Schülerarbeiten in Geheimdienst-Dosiers

Sammeln und Auswerten von Informationen über ferne Ländern ist auch für Geheimdienste eine aufreibende Aufgabe. Data Mining Tools wie helfen Schüler- und Studentenarbeiten präzise aufzuspüren um daraus ein Geheimdienst Dosier über die vom Irak ausgehende Gefahr zu erstellen. Rechtschreibfehler verraten nicht nur beim Abschreiben in der Schule.
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Blair Iraq dossier was plagiarized


Plagiarism is regarded as intellectual theft. Glen Rangwala, an Iraq specialist at Cambridge University who analysed the Downing Street dossier, said 11 of the dossier's 19 pages were "taken wholesale from academic papers." "If the nature of the intelligence is actually just web research, then it rather casts doubt about the plausibility of the government's earlier claims," said Rangwala. Some of the information was copied from an article last September in a small journal: the Middle East Review of International Affairs. It's author, Ibrahim al-Marashi, a postgraduate student from Monterey in California.


Intellectual theft


Even typographic mistakes in the original articles are repeated. Of military intelligence, al-Marashi writes in his original paper: "The head of military intelligence generally did not have to be a relative of Saddam's immediate family, nor a Tikriti. Saddam appointed, Sabir Abd Al-Aziz Al-Duri as head..." Note the comma after appointed. Downing Street paraphrases the first sentence: Saddam appointed, Sabir 'Abd al-'Aziz al-Duri as head during the 1991 Gulf War." This second line is cut and pasted, complete with the same grammatical error.


Thin evidence


British ministers have privately admitted that gathering information on Iraq is extremely difficult and intelligence on Baghdad is "thin". One of Blair's former junior defense ministers, Peter Kilfoyle, said he was shocked that the government was trying to win over Britons on such "thin evidence". Rangwala said the document was sloppy and appeared to have been pulled together in a hurry.


More on ISN Security Watch:

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edited by Chris
published on: 2003-02-08
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