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Date: 1998-09-18

Schwierig: Militaers & TCP/IP

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q/depesche 98.9.18/1

Schwierig: Militärs & TCP/IP

Wieviel Material man online hat, wissen die Spooks im US
Verteidigungsministerium offenbar selber nicht. Die Navy
allein hat 463 pages & dies ist nur ein Bruchteil dessen,
was via www abrufbar ist.
Die Crux: Man benützt ein & dasselbe www.Informationssystem
auch für die nicht gar so speziell abgesicherte semi/private

post/scrypt: Entsprechend dem, was gewisse Spatzen von
diversen Netzknoten gepfiffen haben, hat das
Heeres/nachrichten/amt (HNA) in .AT unlängst das Protokoll
TCP/IP zum Zwecke in/externer Kommunikation einer
praktischen Inbetriebnahme zugeführt.

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M.J. Zuckerman
1998 SEP 17. The Pentagon is ordering a top-to-bottom review
of material it maintains on the Internet, concerned that
terrorists or other enemies can find easy access to valuable
information there, say several knowledgeable sources inside
and outside the government.

In a digital age-equivalent of the World War II warning
"Loose lips sink ships," the military is directing
commanders of all service branches to take a hard look at
dangers posed by the proliferation of Web sites in the past
few years.
The Web sites, which are widely regarded as a means to open
communications between the top brass and enlisted personnel
as well as providing information to the families of service
personnel and the public, drew concern after the U.S. cruise
missile attack Aug. 20 on terrorist training camps in
Afghanistan, the sources say.

Within hours of the attack, Pentagon computer specialists
warned that online information about the forces involved,
such as names of commanders and location of their families,
could serve terrorists seeking targets for retribution.
The Pentagon was unable to say Wednesday how many military
Web sites exist or who, if anyone, has oversight.

The Navy lists 463 pages at its official Web site. Every
branch of the military and division of the Defense
Department maintains its own site, and each yields an
imponderable amount of information.

Those pages contain detailed information about ships,
planes, armaments, personnel, missions, troop deployments
and bases. Though almost all of this is unclassified, there
are concerns about making it too easily available.
"In this modern age of technology, there is the ability to
collate readily available information, which once compiled
is a ready-made book for terrorists," says Robert Marsh, who
chaired the commission.

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edited by Harkank
published on: 1998-09-18
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