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Date: 1998-06-30

Thai/Polizei: Bei jedem Login dabei

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Thai/Polizei: Bei jedem Login dabei

BANGKOK, THAILAND, 1998 JUN 30 (NB) -- By Jirapan Boonnoon, The Nation. The Royal Thai Police
Department is asking the Telephone Organisation of Thailand to allow the department to monitor the
telephone numbers of Internet users logging on to the network.

Police Col. Chalermkiat Srivorakan, an assistant to the director of the Royal Thai Police
Department, said the department wants TOT to provide the department with caller ID features for all
local telephone numbers used to connect to the Internet network. The department wants to know all
Internet users' login name and the telephone number they use for Internet access.

He claimed this is to help the department to monitor the use of the Internet in Thailand, "to
protect against any crimes that may occur on the network".

"All Internet access in Thailand will be monitored by the department," he said. "Telephone numbers
that are used to access the Internet will be displayed at the department's server so we know what
every Internet user is doing. The display, which is similar to the caller ID feature used on some
mobile phones, will allow police to increase their efficiency in crime prevention and suppression on
the network."

He added that the department submitted a proposal to TOT last month and is now waiting for approval.

The department claims that the idea to display the numbers that Internet users are using is a part
of the Internet Police project which uses the Internet as a new way to get criminal information from
the public.

People are expected to inform the police about sources of crimes and other criminal information
through the network anytime, anywhere. Police say that as a result, they can get criminal
information rapidly, helping them to suppress crimes on time.

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edited by Harkank
published on: 1998-06-30
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