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Date: 2003-05-05

Boy Scouts screenen 20.000 Freiwillige

Wer in seiner Freizeit den US Boy Scouts unter die Arme greifen will, kommt nicht ungescreent davon. 20.000 Freiwillige wurden allein im April durchleuchtet, berichtet stolz die Herstellerfirma des Datenrasterprogrammes. Die Mitarbeiter von über 300 lokalen Organisationen haben nun subventionierten Online-Zugriff auf nationale und lokale Kriminalregister sowie "Sex Offender"-Listen.
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Folgend Zitate aus einer Presseaussendung vom 1. Mai der Firma ChoicePoint, die darin leider nicht verrät, wie missbräuchliche Abfragen über Dritte verhindert werden.

Approximately 20,000 adult volunteers and leaders of the Boy Scouts of America were screened in April by VolunteerSelect(SM), an Internet-based criminal background checking system operated by ChoicePoint. A new Boy Scouts volunteer screening system was implemented on April 1, giving local councils new tools to help protect Boy Scouts nationwide, providing them with the capability to check new volunteer applicants against state and national databases.

"Screening volunteers is one of the most responsible and effective ways we can protect our children and others," said Derek Smith, chairman and CEO of ChoicePoint, the company that developed and supports VolunteerSelect. "We strongly believe that we have a duty to use our unique information and technology in ways that will make society a safer place. Providing organizations such as the Boy Scouts with access to industry-standard background screening tools is one of the ways we put that commitment into action."

Beginning in 1972, the Boy Scouts' standards for leadership were developed as a guideline for screening adult volunteers. VolunteerSelect is the latest step, enabling the more than 300 local councils to include national criminal, state sex offender, and county criminal screening.

If a match is found on a volunteer applicant, he or she will be sent a copy of the information and can dispute the findings. The council and the organization that sponsors the applicant's unit will then determine how to proceed, based upon Boy Scouts procedures.

The Boy Scouts of America -- incorporated in 1910 and chartered by Congress in 1916 -- provides an educational program for boys and young adults to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop personal fitness. The Boy Scouts is composed of 1.3 million volunteers working together for the sole purpose of helping more than 5 million youth succeed in life.

ChoicePoint works to create a safer and more secure society through the responsible use of information while ensuring the protection of personal privacy. [Soundwarnung!]

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edited by Babuschka
published on: 2003-05-05
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