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Date: 2003-01-01

[Xbox-Linux]: $ 100.000 von Lindows

Die von Microsoft aus PC Komponenten entwickelte XBox versieht jetzt auch unter Linux seinen Dienst. Lediglich eine kleine Modifikation der Hardware ist notwendig um die selbst erworbene Hardware unter Linux zu betreiben. Damit können die Xbox Entwickler ihr Honorar in der Höhe von $ 100.000 entgegennehmen. Der bisher nicht öffentlich genannte Sponsor ist der Mann hinter "Lindows" Michael Robertson. Ob er mit seiner Klage gegen den Markennamen "Windows" ebenso erfolgreich ist bleibt abzuwarten.
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[Pointer by Peter Kuhm]

Xbox Linux Award deadline reached

by Andy Green, Milosch Meriac, 31 December 2002

In an effort to speed up the work needed to bring Linux to the Microsoft Xbox, an anonymous donor offered two prizes (part A and part B) of $100,000 each last year.

Both before and after the prize was announced many people from around the world were working hard. The free OS Linux has been successfully brought to the Microsoft device, and its users are now able to choose from a huge selection of free Linux applications. These include Home Entertainment, Internet and Office programs. Xbox Linux is available to anyone as a free download from The deadline for the prizes has arrived.

Part A involved running Linux on the box, and this has been successfully completed.
Part B involved running Linux on an Xbox with no hardware modifications, which has not been acheived yet.

The donor can now be revealed as Michael Robertson, who is the man behind the Lindows OS - which you may have heard recently had some conflict with Microsoft. We are grateful for his contribution in speeding up the goals of the whole group.

Distribution of the monies to several hackers for part A is expected to be completed by the end of January.

Michael Robertson has decided to extend the deadline for part B for another year. We are already preparing new open analysis tools. Any experienced hacker is welcome to join the effort. The updated rules for this extended part will also be available on the Xbox Linux website at the end of January.

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Webserver für die Xbox:


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edited by Chris
published on: 2003-01-01
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