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Date: 2002-11-30

US : Linux 2.4.20 : Verstehen verboten

Der neue Linux-Kernel 2.4.20 ist da. Er enthält unter Anderem Security Patches, die US-Amerikanern per Gesetz nicht erklärt werden dürfen.
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Zu den Neuerungen des 2.4.20-Kernels gehören unter anderem beschleunigte SCSI-Verwaltung, Bugfixes im ISDN-System und Unterstützung für neuere Nvidia nForce-Karten. Hier das komplette Changelog :

Der Kernel kann hier heruntergeladen werden :

Er enthält auch mehrere Security Pachtes, darunter einen der Firma Red Hat, der durch die Tatsache, daß man seine Funktionsweise US-Amerikanern nicht erläutern darf, fragliche Berühmtheit erlangte.

Der Grund dafür ist der "Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998" (DMCA).

"There is a relatively new U.S. law, called the DMCA, which among many other provisions makes it illegal to circumvent any access-restriction measure protecting a copyrighted work, to distribute any device which does so, or even to publicly discuss any known method for doing so."

Red Hat selber erklärte dazu :

"RHSA-2002-158 is an errata kernel which addresses certain security vulnerabilities. Quite simply, these vulnerabilities were discovered and documented by ppl outside of the US, and due to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act legislation in the US, it is potentially dangerous to disclose any information on security vulnerabilities, which may also be used in order to circumvent digital security - i.e. computer security. For this reason, RH cannot publish this security information, as it is not available from the community in the first instance. The site allows for accessing this information, but requires you agree to terms which protect the author and documenter of the patches from being accusations that they themselves have breached DMCA."

Der DMCA kam erstmals durch die Open Source-Gemeinde unter Beschuß, nachdem Dmitry Sklyarov, ein russischer Programmierer, aufgrund dieses Gesetzes auf einer Konferenz in Las Vegas vom FBI verhaftet wurde, weil er für seinen Arbeitgeber in Russland ein Programm entwickelt hatte, mit dem man den Kopierschutz von Adobe E-Books umgehen kann, welches dort vollkommen legal ist, solange es nicht zum Erstellen von Raubkopien verwendet wird.

"Sklyarov was arrested on July 16 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was speaking to a computer security conference on the techniques Adobe uses in their e-books. As is usual practice for the computer security profession, his lecture was delivered from the perspective of exposing flaws in Adobe's access-restriction technology. He was arrested in response to a prior complaint by Adobe, who wanted to have the software's distribution ended. He is currently awaiting trial in Northern California."

"Because of his association with the software his company makes, the FBI took the opportunity of his presence in the U.S. to have him arrested for trafficking in a circumvention device under the statutes of the DMCA. This crime has a maximum penalty of 5 years and a $500,000 fine for a first offence."

Die EU hat eine eigene Variante des DMCA entwickelt, die "European Union Copyright Directive" (EUCD), welche bis zum 22. Dezember 2002 von allen Mitgliedsländern in die lokale Gesetzgebung integriert werden muß.

"If it goes through unmodified, the EUCD would make it a criminal offence to break or attempt to break the copy protection or Digital Rights Management systems on digital content such as music, software or eBooks. As it stands, the EUCD may lead to a rerun of Dmitri Sklyarov's prosecution, prevent teachers copying materials for their students or other legitimate uses of copyright material, opponents believe."

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Would you like to know more?

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edited by kingmob
published on: 2002-11-30
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