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Date: 2002-06-16

Na bumsti: von Stallman gedisst

So kann es gehen. Bei einem Mailwechsel in anderer Angelegenheit mit Richard Stallman unvor/sichti/gerweise diese URL mit geschickt: Ob wir denn nicht wüssten, dass "Free Software" und "Open Source" was gänzlich grundverschiedenes ist und dass wir besser sowas Irreführendes wie Linuxwochen lassen sollten & so weiter. Na bumsti - wurden wir gedisst, wie weiter unten zu lesen ist.
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From: Erich M <> To: Subject: Re: Endorsement of the 2nd stop1984-campaign Date sent: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 01:08:00 +0200 On 15 Jun 2002 at 15:48, Richard Stallman wrote: Why participate in such a misleading event? The system is GNU, not > Linux, and it was developed by the Free Software Movement. By > describing it as "Linux" and "Open Source", this "roadshow" is > misattributing our work at two levels at once. > > We started developing the GNU operating system in 1984. Linus > Torvalds wrote his kernel, Linux in 1991. At that time, the GNU > system was almost finished, lacking only the kernel. The system some > people call "Linux" is really more GNU than Linux. See > for more info. Ahem yes, excuse me Richard, I am really sorry. May I assure you that close to everbody from the many linuxwochen volunteers across Austria do know about GPL and things and they hold it in highest esteem, both in practice and in theory. The point is: the supporters of the Linuxwochen range from the core Debian crews over SuSes, Mandrakes and Red Hats and people who are condemned by their job profiles to use windows software as well like miserable me. This is a 8 million people country [more of a county], we just do not have that many IT-intelligentsia volunteers over here to exclude anybody.... There is support from Austrian fsf-people also - under the auspices of knowing that each of the numerous groups is too small to raise anything professional alone. What they will say in their speeches is their thing, we appreciate it ;) What was just set up was a website to communicate to people who had barely heard even of "Linux" before, to give them an idea what benefits *non proprietary* software could do. We managed to raise a few bucks to pay for a fine environment in Linz and Vienna, everything free for those who are interested, no matter if they be business people or schoolboys. If they bring machines they get installed what they want to: Free BSD or anything else > The biggest difficulty that the Free Software Movement faces nowadays > is that our work is attributed to the Open Source Movement, so its > users do not hear about us and our views. Sad to say, this roadshow > is contributing to the problem. It would be better to cancel it. > > I can't be certain, but judging from the rest of what you do, I would > expect that your views are closer to the Free Software Movement. Is > that correct? Ahem yes, I can't exactly tell that. I have been working on the information level most of my life doing jobs lately as [e.g.] Jon Katz and Declan McCullagh did and working as a daily newspaper media critic before. So I am not a good judge, I just feel sympathetic to anything that could endanger an old fashioned habit of proprietary thinking like software patents that hinder progress. cu Erich
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edited by Harkank
published on: 2002-06-16
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